5 Tips for Endurance Training by a Personal Fitness Trainer

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Planning to participate in an Iron Man event or a marathon? Or maybe you just want the coach to get you off the bench and put you in the game. One thing all of these practices have in common is that they need you to build the endurance it takes to finish. A personal fitness trainer can help you build stamina and get you across that finish line!

There are a lot of options when it comes to fitness trainers, but Silicon Valley Athletics is one of the best you will ever find. With that said, let’s discuss a few workout tips for your endurance training.

5 Tips for Endurance Training by a Personal Fitness Trainer:

Hiring a private fitness coach could be just the ingredient needed to get you over the hurdle of motivation, training, and workout optimization you’ve been looking to clear. Let us explain why!

Optimizing Performance:

The coach knows how to maximize your workout so you can achieve the results you want. If you are following a comfortable workout routine that doesn’t work you hard, you are probably doing it wrong and not gaining any endurance or stamina. Something a personal coach will switch up as soon as you show it to them. Let your hustle be louder than excuses!

This conveniently leads us into the next tip; changing your workout routine.

Changing your workout:

A fitness trainer knows that just one workout routine will not cut it. To keep you moving and to reach the level of endurance you are looking for, they constantly change your workouts so you can stay engaged in the training process. This way your body never gets used to a certain style of exercise because these things always vary! As your coach moves you through different workouts, every vital muscle in your body is put through the paces and it builds your tolerance for high-intensity work overtime.

The next tip is important because of how crucial hydration is for endurance athletes.

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Endurance athletes need to be constantly conscious of their fluid intake before, during and after working out. Adequate hydration allows your body to function properly while performing at a high level. This means having water with you at all times and drinking it regularly throughout the day, especially if you’re working out later on, is crucial! A private coach can give you proper dietary instructions that include all the different types of fluids you need to stay hydrated.

The next one has to do with cutting down your breaks.

Cutting Down Breaks:

Resting is crucial to any workout, but endurance athletes need to be especially mindful of how they spend their time resting. Too much rest can actually be counterproductive and lead to a loss in stamina. Your coach can help you find the right balance between resting and pushing yourself so that you make optimal progress. A unique blend of proper rest and training can help you slowly reduce the time your body needs to recover which only helps you in endurance events.

Last but not the least is lifting what your body can take. Keep reading to learn more.

Do Not Over-lift:

Most people tend to over-lift when starting a new training regimen or increasing the intensity of their workouts. You don’t want to push yourself too much in this case because it can lead to injury. Remember you are not training for a weightlifting competition, rather one that requires stamina. Your coach can help you choose which exercises are right for your body at that particular time and find the right weight for you to lift.

In conclusion, hiring a personal fitness trainer is one of the best things endurance athletes can do for themselves as they push to achieve their goals in life! Silicon Valley Athletics has been training athletes with 20+ years of experience so they know what it takes to get people from where they are now all the way to the top!

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Frequently Asked Questions:

What are the benefits of hiring a personal fitness trainer?

Hiring a private coach can help you achieve your goals faster, avoid injury and stay motivated.

Do personal trainers have flexible schedules?

Most personal trainers have very flexible schedules and are happy to work around your availability. It can help you fit your training in your everyday routine.

What is the advantage of endurance training?

Endurance training helps you increase your stamina so that you can work harder for longer periods of time. It also improves the quality of your everyday life by getting rid of fatigue and lethargy which is very common in most people because of a sedentary lifestyle.

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