Why Powerlifting?

There are many benefits to incorporating powerlifting into your fitness routine aside from the obvious changes in size. Here are some of the reasons why powerlifting in Sunnyvale can be advantageous to more than just competitive bodybuilders: Increase in Strength Naturally you’re going to see an improvement in your overall strength, but power lifting is […]

Private Gyms Sunnyvale

Many of our clients choose Silicon Valley Athletics because they prefer to partner with a gym that helps you to reach your exercise goals in a motivated and enriching fitness environment. One of the cornerstones of SVA is to provide a place that puts the client in the best possible position to excel. Here you […]

Personal Training Gyms

Working with a certified personal trainer is something that many people choose to do in a gym setting instead of the home. All the equipment is there and you can reach your fitness goals through a customized workout plan that a personal trainer can develop with you. Unlike big box gyms, a personal training gym […]

Female Personal Trainer Sunnyvale

The staff at Silicon Valley Athletics urge you to step out of your comfort zone when taking on any fitness challenge. But we always want you to feel comfortable when doing it. That is why we offer our clientele both male and female personal trainers at our Sunnyvale facility. Working alongside a personal trainer can […]

Strength Training

One of the most effective facets of a well-rounded fitness plan is strength training. When you incorporate it with cardio and stretching, you are creating a balanced approach to fitness that can help to build bone and muscle while reducing fat and burning calories. Anyone who wants to lose weight and increase muscle would do […]

The Path to Effective Weight Loss

We have become conditioned to believe that weight loss is an insurmountable task. But that isn’t a belief we subscribe to here. Losing and even gaining weight can be accomplished with a strict strategy for continued progress. Silicon Valley Athletics is about changing the standard when it comes to reaching your goals and our Sunnyvale […]

5 Tips for Endurance Training by a Personal Fitness Trainer

Planning to participate in an Iron Man event or a marathon? Or maybe you just want the coach to get you off the bench and put you in the game. One thing all of these practices have in common is that they need you to build the endurance it takes to finish. A personal fitness […]

Perks of Hiring a Personal Fitness Trainer

Have you been trying hard to get fit but not seeing the results you expected? People give up midway because it’s easier to reheat that leftover slice of pizza than to exercise. The road to a physically fit and healthy lifestyle is a bumpy one but you can get there. A personal fitness trainer can […]

How Does a Personal Fitness Trainer Help Correct Your Posture?

Body posture plays a crucial role in building a strong impression and portraying you as a confident person. However, it’s not always easy to correct your posture. This is when you need a personal fitness trainer as exercises alone won’t help.  You need to learn how to do it the right way and ensure your […]

How Helpful Are Personal Fitness Trainers in Weight Loss?

Weight loss is a challenging task for many people, primarily because they don’t know how to go about it. Quitting or skipping meals and spending hours in the gym won’t do any good until you find the right fitness plan that would suit your goals. A personal fitness trainer can be of the best help […]