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Many of our clients choose Silicon Valley Athletics because they prefer to partner with a gym that helps you to reach your exercise goals in a motivated and enriching fitness environment. One of the cornerstones of SVA is to provide a place that puts the client in the best possible position to excel.

Here you can build working relationships with trainers who are empowered to devote the right amount of time and effort to every individual seeking an experience that a franchise fitness gym may not always be equipped to offer.

You are making more than a financial commitment, this is a commitment of time to yourself and the goals which you have established. There isn’t anything wrong with a popular chain option, some individuals thrive in that environment. But for those who need something more personalized to the client’s particular needs and objectives, a private gym is best-suited for that level of expertise and attention.

The Benefits of a Private Gym

Learning from past experience is the best way to make any decision going forward. This is true in every facet of life, whether it’s working out or starting your own business. When it comes to private gym facilities and personal training, we’ve learned from experience in designing a private gym with trainers who are highly-qualified and effective at getting real results.

We created Silicon Valley Athletics as an answer to the chain fitness centers who were staffed with smart and devoted trainers who couldn’t apply all of their skills in the best manner possible. These are some of the advantages that we believe are a vital component of private gyms.

Personalized Training

A private gym affords the client and the facility a greater ability to tailor the experience to the specific reasons why someone goes to a gym. But you can’t get results unless you show up and a personalized approach for devising the most effective training program is centered around motivation. Our trainers work with each and every client to develop the best regimen based around two very important aspects – the fitness goals of the client and the activities that are most appealing to the client.

You can only get results if you put in the work – we aim to make the work more fun, more exciting, and more enjoyable so you actually want to come to the gym. It’s all about motivation. How many times have you signed up for a membership only to realize you hardly use it? The chain fitness franchises aren’t geared toward providing a deeply personal approach, a private gym like Silicon Valley Athletics is designed to help you get the most out of your membership by personalizing the work you do when you are here.

Specialized Approach

A private health and fitness club is always going to specialize in offering a more unique experience than the average fitness chain. While both may offer body conditioning, cardio equipment, free weights, and even nutrition coaching, the methods in which these services are provided can be drastically different. Whether it’s the quality of the equipment or the tailor-made fitness program that is built around your habits and interests, a private gym has the capability for offering unique services and features that large national fitness franchise gyms either can’t or won’t provide to their clientele.

At Silicon Valley Athletics, we like to give our clients every reason to want to come work out in our facilities. We want this to be an inviting, safe space for clients to work towards reaching their goals. That’s why we put our trainers through a rigorous vetting process and ensure that each one is well-qualified and prepared to exceed the competency standards that we have set forth at Silicon Valley Athletics. Many of the trainers who work at our gym have come from the big franchise chain fitness centers as they grew tired of providing a level of service that fell short of their own expectations and qualifications.

Unique Perks

A private gym like Silicon Valley Athletics can offer unique perks that you won’t find at other chain franchises or even some smaller boutique fitness centers. Our training staff monitors the progress of a client through a tracking app that logs a wide variety of useful data. The app helps the client and the trainer monitor the client’s progress in real time and allows for more effective homework programming and workout history tracking. We also offer third party dietician and nutrition consulting and education and free massages for our clients. Not all private gyms extend these perks to their members, but we do and we are proud to say that our members love having them at the ready. We invite our members to bring their kids along as children train for free when accompanied by a parent or guardian.

Should You Join a Private Gym?

That all depends on what you are looking for in a fitness regimen. Private gyms can offer clients a safe community for reaching their goals without the intimidation factor that some might feel when entering a large, multi-level facility with hundreds of people lifting, running, and exercising all at the same time. A private gym is typically a smaller yet no less challenging space for working out near Sunnyvale. The intimidation factor is often minimized and the personal interaction increased between trainer and client.

The membership requirements are often different with more diverse and flexible options for joining a private fitness facility. One of the biggest barriers to a successful workout is the financial commitment that comes with it. Private gyms have the capability for more versatility in joining up, while other gyms are focused more closely on pumping up membership numbers instead of improving clients’ lives.

Silicon Valley Athletics always works to educate the client and increase the benefits that come with membership by finding new and exciting ways to motivate clients and move them closer to reaching their objectives every time they step into our Sunnyvale facility.

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