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At Silicon Valley Athletics it is our goal for you to explore, and then push, the boundaries of your capabilities. But we always want you to feel comfortable and supported when doing so. We have found that many of our clients prefer to work with a trainer of the same gender for this reason. Not only do they feel more comfortable, but they often feel that a trainer of the same gender is better able to relate to their unique challenges and barriers to success in the gym.

That’s why we offer our clients both male and female personal trainers. We want your fitness journey to be a positive and empowering experience. Whether your goal is to gain strength, lose weight, or compete in a sport, our trainers are here to support and guide you in your pursuits.

Personal Training Services

At Silicon Valley Athletics we offer a variety of individualized services and training packages. Additionally, we make every effort to pair you with the trainer best suited to help you reach your specific goals, taking into account that some clients may feel uncomfortable working with a personal trainer of the opposite gender. Both male and female clients may prefer discussing certain issues or concerns about their health, wellness, and body composition with a personal trainer of the same gender. For this reason, we have a diverse team of highly-qualified male and female personal trainers who can relate and provide guidance around more sensitive topics.

For women who would prefer to work with a female personal trainer, we have a robust team of female trainers ready to help you get started and realize your potential. We provide personal training and coaching services in one hour sessions. Here’s how it works:

Specialized Program

Your trainer will customize a training plan aligned with your specific goals, body type, current fitness level, occupation and other relevant lifestyle factors.

Our trainers believe that a workout is only effective when it is being implemented and performed by the client in a meaningful way. It requires careful planning and a routine that is sustainable.

Home Workouts

We offer two levels of training packages. Level 2 packages include additional exercise programming to be completed outside of your scheduled sessions at SVA. These are an important component of the client-trainer relationship and a vital part of the process for helping you realize your goals. Your workouts will be assigned and delivered via the TrueCoach app on a weekly basis, beginning after your first session. Your trainer will always track and analyze your workouts to ensure progress and make adjustments to your routine if necessary.

The DEXA Scan

All clients are offered a DEXA scan through BodySpec as part of their initial training package. The scan provides a comprehensive view of the body including lean tissue, fat tissue, bone density, and muscle mass in under ten minutes. We rely on the DEXA scan because it provides the most accurate and precise body composition measurement available allowing your trainer to get a clear picture of your body’s strengths, weaknesses, and requirements for diet, training, and overall wellness.

Meal Plan

Each client will receive a meal plan that is designed exclusively from the results of their DEXA scan. The meal plan offers recommendations for each day’s food intake based on what your body requires to continue making steady progress. You can view the plan, make any adjustments, and even receive a full grocery list to help you shop for the items needed to follow the plan.

Feeling Comfortable with Your Personal Trainer

We have found that many female clients prefer having a female personal trainer to guide their fitness pursuits. Women face a unique set of challenges in the gym — navigating a traditionally male-dominated environment, impacts of their menstrual cycle on energy and performance, exercise considerations specific to pregnancy and postpartum, and negative body image. Addressing these concerns with a female personal trainer and receiving expert answers rooted in both scientific evidence and personal experience can be a valuable tool for success.

Silicon Valley Athletics will always be a safe, comfortable, and nurturing place for managing the challenges of building a better, healthier you.

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