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Working with a certified personal trainer is something that many people choose to do in a gym setting instead of the home. All the equipment is there and you can reach your fitness goals through a customized workout plan that a personal trainer can develop with you. Unlike big box gyms, a personal training gym offers small group training sessions to help you pursue your fitness journey in a more focused and intimate setting.

The best part is that a personal training gym allows the client to feel less anxious or self-conscious about working out around others. One-on-one sessions help to remove some of the most common barriers to exercise and keep the focus on the work and not the environment.

At Silicon Valley Athletics, our culture is all about inclusion. We want everyone to feel comfortable in having the confidence to achieve their goals and our team of certified personal trainers are ready to educate and motivate. Clients love our dedication to maintaining this culture and we find it drives them to work harder.

Advantages of Working with a Personal Trainer

A personal trainer is many things: a coach, a drill sergeant, a workout partner. All of these roles are intended to help the client stay motivated and hold beginners and seasoned veterans alike accountable for putting in the hard work every time they step inside of a gym.

Working out in a personal training gym allows the client to gain guidance and inspiration through the development of a training regimen that best addresses the targets that have been set forth by the client. Be it strength training or building muscle, a personal trainer can help to design the workout program that gets results.

Learning how to workout

Before you can workout correctly, you must learn how to do it right. All too often, injuries can hinder a client’s progress because he or she went too hard, too fast, and didn’t know when they were overexerting themselves. A personal trainer will not only prevent you from overdoing it, but also teach you which activities and exercises are the best options for getting the results you want. There’s nothing wrong with a hard workout but knowing when to go big and when to ease up will make all the difference in allowing your body to adapt properly and get the most from your workout routine.

Increase Strength and Muscle

One of the most common goals of clients who work out in a gym is strength training. Building muscle and growing stronger are objectives that a personal trainer can help you achieve in very specific ways.

A trainer can teach you how the muscles operate and which exercise options are best for targeting certain muscle groups. These are exercises that can be done in the gym or at home. But performing those exercises properly is the difference between results and frustration and a personal trainer can point out what you are doing right and what you are doing wrong. Having the right form when executing any strengthening activity is just as critical as the activity itself.

Lifting weights is another important component of strength training. Silicon Valley Athletics trainers are well-versed in knowing how often to lift and the weight sizes and repetitions of this activity to ensure you are seeing the results you want on your schedule.

Increase Strength and Muscle

Powerlifting is ideal for improving your athletic ability. This form of exercise can help you jump higher and run faster. The squat is especially beneficial, as you improve the strength in your leg muscles through squats you’re also building upon your vertical leap and giving yourself more speed. The legs aren’t the only area to gain some athletic advantage through powerlifting – the back muscles also get stronger, giving you more of a competitive advantage in sports such as boxing, wrestling, and mixed martial arts, just to name a few.

Athletic Event Training

Training for a marathon or an upcoming sporting event can be a serious commitment of time and energy, a personal trainer can be an invaluable asset for training and conditioning. Our team of personal trainers are skilled in devising the right workout regimen to get you ready to compete on a schedule that also affords plenty of time to recover. Injuries can come in all forms, particularly when the muscles are overworked and the body isn’t allowed to heal.

The Primary Duties of a Good Personal Trainer

A personal trainer can fulfill a wide range of duties to make your workout more enjoyable and effective. First and foremost, a personal trainer should motivate at all times. It’s all too easy to get lazy and unfocused, even for the most ardent devotee of the gym lifestyle. Staying motivated is a lot easier when someone else is at your side to help you stay on task.

Guidance is key when you are working towards a specific goal, especially during a workout. We’re not always at our best when we walk into a gym, a personal trainer can act as a partner to guide you along and even perform the activities by your side. Having a workout partner next to you can make your session more effective and keep you from injuring yourself.

Finally, a personal trainer can also act as a spotter when you are using weights as part of your routine. Staying safe when you are lifting means having someone watching out for you, in case the weights become too heavy.

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