The Path to Effective Weight Loss

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We have become conditioned to believe that weight loss is an insurmountable task. But that isn’t a belief we subscribe to here. Losing and even gaining weight can be accomplished with a strict strategy for continued progress. Silicon Valley Athletics is about changing the standard when it comes to reaching your goals and our Sunnyvale weight loss classes place an equal emphasis on the two most important components for success: Diet and Exercise.

There are many reasons for taking off the weight and keeping it off. Whether you’re eager to shed a few pounds or your objective is focused on a more significant change in the shape of your body, we work to develop the proper program for losing the amount of weight you wish to shed. Dropping up to five percent of your current body weight can have major implications for improving health and well-being. It’s good for your heart, your joints, your blood pressure, your joints, and your mood. You can lift your self-esteem by dropping your weight.

Important Keys to Losing Weight

Commitment and consistency go hand-in-hand for making a difference when you want to lose weight. You can’t expect to see results if you’re not prepared to go 100% all-in. That means putting in the time to do the work with a trainer at your side and dedicating the same level of commitment and energy on the homework you will be assigned after you leave our facility.

That is the first key to weight loss success.

Stay Hydrated

Water is essential to life. Drinking enough of it can also be extremely effective in helping you lose weight. When you are dehydrated your body lacks the functionality necessary for doing anything, whether it’s working out, staying alert in a meeting, or spending time with family and friends. Feeling thirsty can sometimes lead to consumption of foods that won’t be doing your body any favors and that can make it even tougher to lose weight.

Bring a water bottle with you throughout the day, drink from it consistently. This will keep you properly hydrated and prevent you from veering away from your diet routine.

Proper Nutrition

If you want to lose weight, you need to eat right. That means re-assessing how you think about food and when you consume it. Committing all of that time to your workout ends up being negated when you undo all of that work at the bar or dinner table after. Your caloric intake is a considerable facet of a sensible weight loss regimen.

Along with our online weight loss classes, we offer nutritionist and dietitian services to help guide our clients in making smart nutritional choices for a well-balanced diet. Proper nutrition not only helps you lose weight but also gain muscle.

Strength Training

We strongly recommend incorporating some strength training into your routine for weight loss. Increased muscle means you are burning calories, but cardio alone will start to impact muscle mass as well as fat. Combining strength and cardio can allow you to achieve your goals far more effectively when you want to lose weight without losing muscle.

In addition to our nutritionist and dietitian services, we also invite you to bring your child to work out alongside you. Weight loss classes for kids can help provide the foundation for health and wellness at a young age and kids train free with an adult at Silicon Valley Athletics.

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