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At Silicon Valley Athletics we want to challenge you. We want to push you to work harder and further than ever before, testing the limits of your boundaries and surpassing those limits as you embark upon your personalized fitness journey. Our team of highly-skilled, certified personal trainers are ready to guide you along that journey to keep you on track towards accomplishing all that you have set out to achieve.

But we realize that some of our clients prefer working with a personal trainer of the same gender. This can make it much easier to help them reach the goals they have set out for themselves along their journey. That’s why we offer every one of our clients the choice of working with a male or female personal trainer.

We want you to feel comfortable and fully supported throughout your fitness journey to give you every advantage for reaching your established objectives. Those may include hitting a target weight in a certain period of time, building muscle to increase strength, or start training to participate in a marathon. Whatever goal you want to achieve, we want you to feel empowered in a positive and supportive environment.

Clients who are partnered with a personal trainer of the same gender can avoid the anxiety and discomfort of discussing health and wellness concerns and issues related to body composition that might make them reluctant to bring up with someone of the opposite gender. This also allows for all of our clients to rest assured knowing their personal trainer can relate to the unique challenges and barriers to success that can be encountered in a gym environment.

Offering our clients the choice of working alongside a skilled personal trainer of the same gender fosters a stronger bond in the client/trainer relationship for a more productive training program that gets real results.

South Bay Personal Training Services

At Silicon Valley Athletics, we offer a range of customized training services to meet the needs of our clients at any age range and skillset. Whether you’re just starting out on your fitness journey or you already incorporate daily workouts as part of your weekly routine, we have the training program and the personal trainer to help you accomplish your goals.

If you wish to be partnered with a personal trainer of the same gender, we are happy to oblige that request as we understand it can alleviate any awkward feelings or hesitation about discussing critical aspects of your training program. You should never feel uncomfortable speaking about issues that are important to your success. Our team of certified personal trainers from either gender can offer support, guidance, and advice without triggering any feelings of embarrassment.

We offer the following personal training and coaching services:

Individualized Training Program

Every client can expect to have an individualized training program developed to meet their unique expectations and goals. Your personal trainer will design a sustainable and comprehensive training plan that you will actually look forward to participating in at the prescribed schedule.

The training plan takes a variety of factors into account that are inherent to you and your goals, such as your body type, your occupation, your present fitness level, your interests and hobbies, and the results you want to see along your fitness journey. This way, your sessions will always be effective and productive, providing you with real results when the plan is followed as directed.

On-site and Off-site Training Packages

We offer two levels of training packages for clients who want a personalized program for success. Our Level One plan develops a training plan that is performed with the trainer of your choice on-site at our fitness center. The Level Two plan incorporates both on-site and off-site workouts. The latter are assigned to be performed at home or any location of your choosing and these assigned workouts are a vital component of your package.

Each week, beginning from your very first session, your personal trainer will assign and enter the workouts on to the TrueCoach app where he or she will monitor your progress, analyze your performance data, and make adjustments or changes to the plan as needed.


We use a DEXA scan to make your training program more effective by utilizing the data gained from the scan to personalize the most impactful workout plan possible. The DEXA scan reads your body’s lean and fat tissues, bone density, and muscle mass in under ten minutes for an accurate and complete measurement of your body composition.

Once these measurements are received and assessed, your trainer can develop a plan that targets your particular strengths and weaknesses to ensure each workout brings the most progress. The scan can also give you valuable information about the ways diet and nutrition play a role in helping you reach your goals.

Creating a Meal Plan

Your training requires the right diet and nutrition to keep you performing at peak levels. That’s why we provide all of our clients with a monthly nutrition seminar hosted by a professional registered dietician who can answer all of your questions about lowering the barriers to following a sensible meal plan. Whether it’s a busy lifestyle or cultural differences that make it tough to maintain smart diet and nutrition standards from week to week, this seminar can help guide you towards making the right decisions to support your training program. We also offer private sessions with the dietician for clients who need personalized guidance on creating a healthy meal plan.

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Feeling Comfortable with Your Personal Trainer

We have found that many female clients prefer having a female personal trainer to guide their fitness pursuits. Women face a unique set of challenges in the gym — navigating a traditionally male-dominated environment, impacts of their menstrual cycle on energy and performance, exercise considerations specific to pregnancy and postpartum, and negative body image. Addressing these concerns with a female personal trainer and receiving expert answers rooted in both scientific evidence and personal experience can be a valuable tool for success.

Silicon Valley Athletics will always be a safe, comfortable, and nurturing place for managing the challenges of building a better, healthier you.

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