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Working with the team of trainers at Silicon Valley Athletics will motivate you to expand your physical boundaries and reach your fitness goals. Our trainers are highly qualified with the expertise to guide you towards success. But if you aren’t comfortable and feeling fully supported at every step, it will only interfere with your progress.

We want every client to reach their full potential and we have found that many of our members achieve their best success when teamed up with a trainer who shares the same gender. This allows for all of our clients to focus on their objectives without the awkwardness or anxiety that might come from working alongside a trainer of the opposite gender.

That’s why we offer the choice of working with a trainer of the same gender who has a greater understanding of the unique challenges and barriers to success some of our clients might encounter in reaching established fitness goals. We believe that giving our clients this option allows for a stronger and more productive client/trainer relationship.

Santa Clara Personal Training Services

At Silicon Valley Athletics, we provide a full array of training services and packages to cater every age range and fitness level. If you’re a beginner or a seasoned expert, we want to pair you with the trainer that is best suited for guiding you along the path to success. That includes having the option to select a trainer that matches your gender to avoid any discomfort or hesitancy to discuss sensitive wellness concerns about body composition or gender-specific health-related matters appropriate to reaching your fitness objectives.

We understand that some clients may avoid taking up these important matters to a personal trainer of the opposite gender and no one should feel reluctant or embarrassed to have these discussions or ask questions when working with their personal trainer.

For our female clients who prefer a member of the same gender, our team of highly-qualified female trainers are ready to help you achieve your fitness goals and answer any sensitive questions you might have about your progress.

We offer personal training and coaching services in one hour sessions. These services include the following:

Customized Training Plan

A workout regimen is only effective if you actually follow it and do the work. A personalized plan takes numerous factors into account to help build a sustainable workout routine that is both effective and enjoyable. We want you to look forward to your training sessions! Your trainer will develop your unique training plan by incorporating your current fitness level, body type, occupation, the fitness goals you wish to achieve and a variety of other lifestyle factors that help to make your sessions more productive and effective.

Off-Site Workouts

We offer our clients two different levels of training packages. The Level One package focuses on developing a training plan with sessions on-site. The Level Two package goes further in creating additional exercise routines that you are expected to complete on your own, off-site. These at-home sessions are an integral part of your success and it helps to develop the client/trainer relationship.

These workouts are assigned and entered into the TrueCoach app on a weekly basis, beginning with your very first session. Your trainer will use the app to track and assess your progress and make any changes or adjustments to the plan, if needed.

The DEXA Scan

This scan takes a complete view of your body’s lean tissue, fat tissue, bone density, and muscle mass, reading all of this data in under ten minutes and providing a precise and accurate measurement of your body composition. Using this information, your trainer will assess your body’s strengths and weaknesses and determine the proper diet and training requirements to develop the best possible training program that delivers real results and maintains health and wellness.

Nutrition and Meal Plan

You can’t succeed on your fitness journey without proper nutrition. So we offer our clients a monthly free seminar with our registered dietician who can help you navigate the obstacles of eating right each and every day. Following a meal plan can be a challenge for some clients, whether due to cultural concerns or a busy lifestyle with little time to prep or make the best choices on the fly. This monthly seminar can help you make good decisions that support your training plan. We also offer one-on-one sessions with the professional dietician for clients who need specialized plans.

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Feeling Comfortable with Your Personal Trainer

We have found that many female clients prefer having a female personal trainer to guide their fitness pursuits. Women face a unique set of challenges in the gym — navigating a traditionally male-dominated environment, impacts of their menstrual cycle on energy and performance, exercise considerations specific to pregnancy and postpartum, and negative body image. Addressing these concerns with a female personal trainer and receiving expert answers rooted in both scientific evidence and personal experience can be a valuable tool for success.

Silicon Valley Athletics will always be a safe, comfortable, and nurturing place for managing the challenges of building a better, healthier you.

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