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You come to Silicon Valley Athletics to be challenged, motivated, and inspired to push the limits of your abilities and reach your short-term and long-term fitness objectives. Our team of fitness trainers will develop a plan that is tailored for you and the goals you’ve set for yourself.

We want to make sure that you are working harder than ever as you meet and exceed the limits of your boundaries and press forth along your fitness journey with confidence. We have a talented roster of skilled, certified personal trainers who are ready to help you excel like never before and succeed in all aspects of that journey.

That means ensuring you are 100% comfortable and supported every step of the way. Without it, you’re far more likely to struggle at achieving your fitness objectives. That’s why we work to support all of our clients by offering the choice of working alongside a male or female personal trainer.

Whatever your goals may be – build strength, lose weight, train for an upcoming competition – our team of trainers is ready to guide you past all obstacles and achieve your goals in a positive and encouraging environment.

Mountain View Personal Training Services

Our menu of individualized services and training packages cater to every age range and skill level, so if you are just beginning your fitness journey or your daily workouts are already an essential part of your normal routine, we can pair you with a trainer who is best suited to help you reach your expectations.

We will pair you with a personal trainer of the same gender to reduce any awkward feelings of discomfort when discussing any health and wellness concerns or body composition issues that you wish to address in your workouts. We realize some clients may be reluctant or uncomfortable bringing up these important concerns with a personal trainer from the opposite gender.

At Silicon Valley Athletics, you should never feel awkward or hesitant when working with one of our personal trainers and our diverse team of certified personal trainers of both genders can offer advice, support, and guidance without embarrassment.

For our female clients who feel more comfortable working with a female personal trainer, we offer the following personal training and coaching services in one hour sessions:

Personally-tailored Training Plan

We never take a one-size-fits-all approach to developing workout plans for our clients. Each client is given a sustainable training program that is tailored to his or her individual specifications. We believe that a training program can only be effective when it is implemented in full.

We want you to be excited and eager to take part in your training sessions, so your trainer will build an individualized training plan that incorporates a variety of factors that are customized to your body type, your current fitness skills, your occupation, and the fitness objectives you are working hard to achieve. These, along with other lifestyle factors, will ensure that each session is productive and your training plan continues your progress at the pace you want.

Assigned Off-site Workouts

Our clients can choose from two levels of training packages. Level One offers a training program that focuses solely on the workouts that are performed on-site at our fitness center. Level Two offers a training program that includes on-site workouts as well as additional workouts that are assigned for clients to perform off-site.

For Level Two clients, these additional sessions are an essential part of the training package and they play a vital role in helping you succeed in reaching your fitness goals. Each week, these workout plans are assigned and entered into our TrueCoach mobile app. Your personal trainer will monitor the progress you have made, analyze your workout statistics, and make any necessary adjustments to the plan based on your performance data on the app.

The DEXA Scan

A DEXA scan is applied to gather all of the important data on your body’s lean and fat tissues, muscle mass, and bone density. This is an integral part of your training package as it provides an accurate account of your body composition and these statistics are utilized by your trainer to further develop your personalized training plan based on your body’s strengths and weaknesses along with your diet and training requirements throughout the course of the plan.

The data gained through the DEXA scan is very important for ensuring that your workouts are always providing you with the most effective methods for achieving the results you want while continuing to support your health and wellness for maximum benefit.

Building a Healthy Meal Plan

Diet and nutrition are both crucial components of a successful fitness journey. Your workouts won’t have the same positive impact without good nutrition to back them up. That’s why we offer all of our clients a monthly nutrition seminal with a professional registered dietician who can answer any questions you may have about following the right diet plan as you train.

Establishing an effective meal plan can be a challenge for some of our clients who may not have time in their busy lifestyle to ensure they are eating right or might be facing challenges in the form of cultural requirements and commitments that could pose some difficulties in maintaining proper nutritional support for training.

These monthly seminars can answer all of your questions for selecting the diet that helps you meet your nutritional requirements. One-on-one sessions with the dietician are also available for clients who require more customized assistance in building a healthy and effective meal plan.

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Feeling Comfortable with Your Personal Trainer

We have found that many female clients prefer having a female personal trainer to guide their fitness pursuits. Women face a unique set of challenges in the gym — navigating a traditionally male-dominated environment, impacts of their menstrual cycle on energy and performance, exercise considerations specific to pregnancy and postpartum, and negative body image. Addressing these concerns with a female personal trainer and receiving expert answers rooted in both scientific evidence and personal experience can be a valuable tool for success.

Silicon Valley Athletics will always be a safe, comfortable, and nurturing place for managing the challenges of building a better, healthier you.

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