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At Silicon Valley Athletics, we are here to test your limits and ignite your drive to conquer your fitness goals. Our skilled fitness trainers will create a personalized plan to help you achieve both your short-term and long-term objectives. Join us and experience the ultimate motivation and inspiration.

Enhance your fitness journey with confidence and surpass your limits with our dedicated team of certified personal trainers. Achieve unprecedented success with their expert guidance and excel in every aspect of your fitness goals.

At 100%, we prioritize your comfort and support throughout your fitness journey. We understand that without proper support, achieving your fitness goals can be challenging. That’s why we provide a supportive environment by offering the option to work with a male or female personal trainer.

Our team of trainers is ready to help you achieve your goals, whether you want to build strength, lose weight, or train for a competition. We are determined to guide you past any obstacles in a positive and encouraging environment.

Silicon Valley Athletics Personal Training Services

Addressing a diverse range of age groups and skill levels, our menu of individualized services and training packages caters to those starting their fitness journey or maintaining a consistent workout routine. We strive to pair you with a trainer best suited to assist you in reaching your fitness expectations.

To ensure your comfort and effectively address your health and wellness concerns, we will match you with a personal trainer of the same gender. We understand that some clients may feel hesitant or uneasy discussing these matters with a trainer of the opposite gender.

Silicon Valley Athletics ensures that working with our personal trainers is never an awkward or uncomfortable experience. Our diverse team of certified trainers, comprising both genders, is here to provide advice, support, and guidance in a manner that eliminates any feelings of embarrassment.

For our female clients who feel more comfortable working with a female personal trainer, we offer the following personal training and coaching services in one hour sessions:

Personally-tailored Training Plan

At our fitness center, we understand that every client is unique. That’s why we don’t believe in generic workout plans. Instead, we create customized training programs that are designed specifically for each individual. We strongly believe that following the complete program is the key to achieving successful results.

Our goal is to ignite your enthusiasm and eagerness for your training sessions. To achieve this, your trainer will craft a personalized training plan, taking into account factors such as your body type, current fitness level, occupation, and the specific fitness goals you are striving to accomplish. Incorporating these elements, along with considering other aspects of your lifestyle, ensures that each session is productive and that your training plan aligns with the pace of progress you desire.

Assigned Off-site Workouts

We offer two levels of training packages for our clients. Level One focuses on on-site workouts at our fitness center. Level Two includes both on-site workouts and additional off-site workouts assigned to clients.

For Level Two clients, these extra sessions are crucial for achieving your fitness goals. Every week, workout plans are assigned and entered into our TrueCoach mobile app. Your personal trainer will track your progress, analyze your workout statistics, and make any necessary adjustments to the plan based on your performance data on the app.

The DEXA Scan

The application of a DEXA scan is a key component of your training package, capturing vital data on your body’s lean and fat tissues, muscle mass, and bone density. This scan is indispensable as it furnishes an accurate understanding of your body composition. Your trainer utilizes these statistics to fine-tune your personalized training plan, accounting for your body’s strengths and weaknesses, as well as your dietary and training needs throughout the plan.

The data obtained from the DEXA scan is crucial for optimizing your workouts and maximizing the benefits for both your desired results and overall well-being.

Building a Healthy Meal Plan

Diet and nutrition play a vital role in achieving fitness goals. Without proper nutrition, your workouts will not yield the desired results. To support you on your fitness journey, we provide a monthly nutrition seminar with a registered dietician. They are experts in guiding you on the right diet plan to complement your training. Feel free to ask any questions and receive professional advice in our seminar.

Creating a successful meal plan can be difficult for certain clients who struggle to find time in their busy lives to eat well or face obstacles related to cultural needs and commitments. This can make it challenging to maintain a nutritious diet to support their training.

Join our monthly seminars to find the perfect diet that meets all your nutritional needs. Get all your questions answered and customize your meal plan with one-on-one sessions with our expert dieticians. Start your journey to a healthier lifestyle today.

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