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When you come to Silicon Valley Athletics, we want you to venture outside of your comfort zone. Push the limits of your capabilities and overcome the obstacles and barriers that have kept you from achieving your personal fitness goals.

But in order to accomplish those objectives and explore the boundaries of your comfort zone, you must feel absolutely comfortable with the trainer who is helping you along the way. Our roster of certified personal trainers have the experience and expertise to safely guide your fitness journey with motivation, compassion, and dedication so you enjoy working towards your specific goals.

We realize that many clients are only ready to take that step outside their comfort zone if they have the opportunity to work with a personal trainer who shares the same gender. So we offer the choice of working with a male or a female personal trainer to ensure a safe, positive, and supportive environment for all of our clients. Training sessions are far more effective with a personal trainer who understands the particular barriers or anxieties that are preventing you from reaching your maximum potential in the gym.

We want you to have someone on your side, someone who can relate to you, your concerns, and your current fitness level to ensure a training plan that provides better results and gives you the confidence to take on all challenges.

Personal Training Packages

Our wide range of training session packages are available to clients in the Bay Area and we cater to individuals of all fitness levels and busy schedules with limited time for working out. We feel the best way to get the best performance from your sessions is to pair you with an amazing personal trainer who will create a customized fitness plan that best suits your needs.

If that means pairing you with a female personal trainer who can better understand your personal experience and lowers the barriers of hesitance in openly discussing your concerns, asking questions, and seeking out advice about long term health and wellness issues or curbing unhealthy habits that are making it increasingly difficult to achieve your specific goals.

The following services are part of our personal training and coaching sessions and we invite all of our Bay Area clients to explore the packages we offer:

Customized Training Plan

After an initial consultation, the client is paired with a trainer who will develop a personalized training plan that focuses on reaching the client’s personal fitness objectives. That plan is designed to be a fully sustainable fitness regimen that works with the client’s lifestyle, occupation, hobbies, training experience, and fitness level.

The plan is also developed taking into account the client’s goals,whether the client wants to lose weight, build muscle, or train for a sport, the appropriate plan is put into place. Any impediments that need to be considered are also factored in, for example, if the client is in recovery for a knee injury or other recent sports injuries that must not become aggravated.

Through this fully personalized approach, the client’s training sessions remain effective and deliver real results.

Workout Assignments

We offer two different training package levels. The first level package is centered around workouts that are performed on-site in the presence of the fitness trainer, providing guidance and motivation. The second level package combines on-site workouts with assigned workouts that are performed off-site.

The latter are an important component of the training package and should be considered as vital to success at the on-site workouts performed in the presence of the trainer. The assignments are uploaded on the TrueCoach mobile app, which tracks progress and allows the trainer to assess data and statistics centered on the client’s performance. Based on this data, the trainer may implement small changes or adjustments to the workout plan.

The DEXA Scan

A DEXA scan is highly effective at reading all of the major factors and measurements for body composition. In a matter of minutes, the DEXA scan detects the body’s lean and fat tissue, muscle mass, and bone density. Using this data, the trainer develops a training plan that works to the client’s strengths while making allowances for any significant weaknesses to deliver the best results from every workout.

The DEXA scan is a valuable tool for collecting data on the best methods for using diet and nutrition to keep the client’s progress on track.

Establishing the Proper Meal Plan

It’s no secret that diet and nutrition are essential facets of a successful training plan. When the body doesn’t have the right fuel to function properly, the workouts will never have the same effect and that can slow progress and affect the client’s motivation. So we provide all clients with a monthly nutrition seminar hosted by a variety of registered dieticians who have the answers to any questions about developing and maintaining an effective diet plan.

An active lifestyle shouldn’t be a barrier to a healthy diet and good nutrition. These seminars can help clients navigate the challenges that come with overcrowded schedules, work commitments, and cultural requirements that may present difficulties for staying focused on sticking with the meal plan.

Think of these seminars as a strong support system for maintaining the nutritional requirements that are the foundation for success along the fitness journey. Clients may also take part in private, one-on-one sessions with the dietician for personalized advice on establishing a proper meal plan that is most compatible with the training strategy that has been developed by the personal trainer.

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