Semi Private Personal Training Sessions In Santa Clara

Get the best in personal training sessions with experts who care.

Join us for semi-private personal training sessions led by our exceptional team of trainers, offering personalized assistance from foundational workouts to advanced fitness programs. At SVA, our commitment is to accompany you on your fitness journey, providing tailored guidance to help you reach your desired fitness milestones.

What is a Semi Private Personal Training Session?

Experience our semi-private sessions, specifically crafted for pairs who want tailored training sessions. Whether it’s with a spouse, friend, or selected companion, both individuals receive customized guidance from our trainers while enjoying the companionship of working out together.

Unlike larger group sessions that may lack individualized attention, our semi-private sessions offer tailored guidance to address your specific goals and challenges effectively. Our ethos revolves around more than just reaching fitness milestones; we strive to educate and empower you, fostering self-sufficiency in maintaining your progress.

Collaborating with a training partner maximizes the benefits, fostering shared commitment, a reliable support system, and enjoyable bonding experiences. It’s a chance to uplift each other on the fitness journey, providing feedback on technique, celebrating progress together, and strengthening your bond through mutual objectives and shared adventures.

Personalized Training Services in Santa Clara

Elevate your fitness journey with SVA’s semi-private personal training sessions conducted in our well-equipped gym, providing access to a comprehensive range of equipment essential for your success. Guided by your SVA personal trainer, you’ll embark on a personalized workout program tailored to your specific needs and those of your training partner.

Upon joining SVA in Santa Clara, we commence with complimentary power workouts and introductory sessions, enabling us to evaluate your fitness level and understand your lifestyle better. From there, we match you with the perfect trainer who shares your goals and vision.


What’s Included

Within each semi-private personal training session package, you’ll find:

Personalized Training Plans

Personalized Training Plans:

Utilizing the TrueCoach personal training app, your trainer will design a personalized training schedule every week, precisely tailored to suit your individual fitness goals, body composition, current fitness level, lifestyle, and additional considerations. Through comprehensive monitoring and evaluation of your workouts, your trainer guarantees continual advancement and fine-tunes the plan as needed.


In-Person Training Sessions:

Your gym sessions with your trainer will be arranged according to your fitness goals and individual needs, typically occurring 1 to 3 times per week.

DXA Scan

DXA Scan:

With our DXA scan powered by BodySpec, we deliver an in-depth body composition analysis, segmenting your weight into muscle, bone, and fat categories. This state-of-the-art scanning technology offers precise assessments of bone density, body fat percentage, and lean muscle mass in a quick session of less than ten minutes.

This invaluable data enables our trainers to craft a personalized fitness program for you, while also serving as a crucial tool for tracking progress over time and making adjustments to your workout and nutrition plans based on accurate changes in body composition, not just weight.

Meal Planning

Meal Planning:

Our personal trainers are masters of fitness, but when it comes to nutrition, we rely on our resident dietitian. Join our free monthly seminars or schedule personalized consultations. We prioritize our strengths, assisting you in managing health conditions, cultural influences, and fostering lifelong nutritional habits.


Weekly Check-In:

Central to our personal training service is the weekly check-in, offering a cornerstone of accountability and encouragement. During your gym sessions with your trainer, you’ll have dedicated time to review your progress, address challenges, and adjust your training and nutrition protocols accordingly.

This personalized feedback loop ensures consistent motivation and progress toward your goals. Moreover, it provides an avenue to seek advice, gain expert insights, and celebrate successes. These check-ins are conducted via video calls, email, or messaging, based on your preferred mode of communication.

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Designed to enhance muscle strength, with a particular focus on core stability, our workouts in Santa Clara aim to optimize daily task performance, reduce injury susceptibility, and enhance overall life quality.


Maximize your body’s efficiency by honing movement patterns and optimizing energy systems to their fullest extent.


Elevate your physical fitness with targeted training sessions designed to promote muscle development while simultaneously aiding in fat loss.

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Silicon Valley Athletics prides itself on offering premier personal training services. Our certified trainers excel in fat loss, strength training, and competition, drawing from their own experiences as athletes to enrich every session.


Frequently Asked Questions: Semi Private Personal Training Sessions

What distinguishes semi private personal training from standard personal training services?

Semi-private personal training distinguishes itself from conventional options by allowing you to train alongside a chosen companion—be it a spouse, friend, or child. Limited to two individuals (you and your training partner), this setup guarantees personalized guidance and instruction.

Working out alongside a known partner presents numerous advantages, including heightened accountability, a built-in support system, and an opportunity for authentic connection. This format promotes mutual observation, correction, and motivation, extending the benefits of professional guidance beyond the training sessions. It’s a perfect arrangement for individuals eager to undertake their fitness journey with a familiar ally, ensuring mutual support and providing a unique avenue to deepen relationships through shared goals.

How does a semi private training session ensure that each participant receives a customized training program?

Within semi-private training sessions, SVA fitness professionals meticulously develop customized training programs to address the unique needs of semi-private clients. By taking into consideration the objectives of both you and your training partner, this approach fosters a personalized workout experience within the gym environment. Leveraging the expertise of a personal trainer in a semi-private context, this method guarantees that both individuals advance toward their personal goals while embracing a collective environment.

Are female personal trainers available?

Of course. We understand the preference for working with a female personal trainer, and our team comprises a talented pool of female trainers ready to guide you in embarking on your journey and reaching your full potential.

How will my SVA personal trainer create a custom workout and nutrition plan?

At SVA Santa Clara, our certified personal trainers leverage comprehensive information about your health history, fitness targets, and preferences to create a personalized training strategy. Alongside custom workout sessions, your trainer emphasizes areas such as strength training, cardio workouts, and nutritional support to enhance your physical performance.

Through the TrueCoach app, your trainer conducts weekly assessments of your progress and adjusts the plan as required.

How quickly will I see the results of my training?

Once you’ve undergone your DXA scan, we establish a practical timeline for visible changes, taking into account your current body fat percentage. While physical transformations may require time, you can expect to experience the positive effects of your training regime sooner. Individuals who adhere to a new exercise routine consistently often notice improvements in sleep quality, mood, and energy levels within 2 to 3 weeks of dedicated training.

Realizing significant changes in body composition requires consistency and dedication. The more steadfast you are in following your exercise routine and nutritional regimen, the sooner you’ll see tangible results. Rather than fixating on the scale, it’s helpful to monitor achievements such as enhanced strength and improvements in clothing fit. Based on our observations, individuals who prioritize fitness to enrich their quality of life often witness remarkable transformations in their physical appearance.