Semi Private Personal Training Sessions In Fremont

Engage in personal training sessions led by experienced professionals who prioritize your progress.

Join our semi-private personal training sessions conducted by top trainers, offering tailored support for all skill levels. With SVA personal trainers in Fremont, you’ll receive dedicated guidance and personalized attention to achieve your fitness goals effectively.

What is a Semi Private Personal Training Session?

A semi-private session is a training experience designed for two people, allowing you to partner with a spouse, friend, child, or another chosen individual. Both you and your training partner benefit from tailored support provided by your personal trainer while also enjoying the opportunity to exercise with someone you know.

In contrast to larger group classes that might not consider individual goals and challenges, semi-private sessions offer personalized guidance for improved results. Our ethos revolves around not only achieving your fitness aspirations but also educating and empowering you to uphold those successes independently.

Exercising with a partner maximizes the advantages, fostering mutual accountability, a strong support network, and meaningful bonding moments. It’s a chance to inspire each other along the fitness journey, with an additional perspective to monitor technique, celebrate progress, and strengthen your bond through shared goals and experiences.

Personalized Training Services in Fremont

At SVA, semi-private personal training sessions are conducted in a gym setting, providing access to comprehensive equipment necessary for attaining your fitness goals. Your SVA personal trainer crafts a tailored workout routine in a supportive setting, taking into consideration both your individual needs and those of your training partner.

Upon signing up with SVA, we conduct a complimentary power workout and introductory sessions to assess your current fitness level and gather information about your lifestyle. Based on your goals, we’ll then pair you with the most suitable trainer.


What’s Included

Each semi-private personal training session package comes with:

Personalized Training Plans

Personalized Training Plans:

Your trainer in Fremont will design a customized training plan for you weekly via the TrueCoach personal training app, tailored to your specific fitness goals, body type, current fitness level, lifestyle, and other factors. They’ll monitor your workouts to track progress and make adjustments accordingly.


In-Person Training Sessions:

You’ll schedule sessions with your trainer at the gym, typically ranging from 1 to 3 times a week, to address your fitness goals and specific needs.

DXA Scan

DXA Scan:

Through our DXA scan with BodySpec, you’ll receive a detailed assessment of your body composition, delineating your weight distribution among muscle, bone, and fat. This advanced scanning technology provides precise measurements of bone density, body fat percentage, and lean muscle mass in under ten minutes, enabling our trainers to design a customized fitness program for you.

It serves as a vital instrument for monitoring progress over time, facilitating adjustments to your workout and nutrition plans based on precise changes in body composition rather than just fluctuations in weight.

Meal Planning

Meal Planning:

Our personal trainers focus on fitness training, not nutritional guidance. We provide a dietitian who hosts monthly seminars and offers individual consultations for free. We emphasize the importance of leveraging our respective areas of expertise. Our dietitian assists in managing health conditions, understanding cultural dietary patterns, and promoting lifelong healthy eating habits.


Weekly Check-In:

The weekly check-in is a vital component of accountability and support in our personal training service. At every gym session with your trainer, you’ll have the opportunity to check in, review your progress, address any challenges, and modify your training and nutrition plans accordingly.

This personalized feedback ensures that you stay motivated and focused on achieving your goals. It’s also a valuable opportunity to ask questions, receive professional advice, and celebrate your successes. These check-ins are conducted via video calls, emails, or messaging, according to your preference.

female personal trainer


These exercise plans are designed to train and develop muscles, including core stability, to make daily tasks easier, reduce injury risk, and improve quality of life.


Assist your body in attaining peak efficiency by prioritizing the improvement of movement patterns and energy systems.


Training sessions aimed at improving your physical appearance by focusing on muscle gain and fat reduction.

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Silicon Valley Athletics provides outstanding personal training options. Our certified trainers are experts in fat loss, strength training, and competition preparation. With their athletic backgrounds, they bring valuable training knowledge to every session.


Frequently Asked Questions: Semi Private Personal Training Sessions

What distinguishes semi private personal training from standard personal training services?

In semi-private personal training, you have the opportunity to train alongside someone you select, whether it’s a spouse, friend, or child. With only two participants, you’ll receive personalized attention and guidance.

Training alongside someone familiar offers numerous benefits, such as increased accountability, a built-in support network, and an opportunity for genuine connection. This arrangement encourages participants to observe, correct, and motivate each other, extending the benefits of professional guidance beyond the sessions. It’s an ideal choice for those seeking to undertake their fitness journey with someone close, ensuring mutual support and a unique bonding experience through common objectives.

How does a semi private training session ensure that each participant receives a customized training program?

In semi-private training sessions, SVA fitness professionals meticulously create customized training programs that meet the specific needs of semi-private clients. We consider the goals of both you and your training partner to offer an individualized gym experience. This approach guarantees that both individuals benefit from the expertise of a personal trainer within a semi-private framework, achieving personal goals while engaging in a group setting.

Are female personal trainers available?

Certainly. We have a skilled team of female trainers available for women who prefer working with a female personal trainer. They’re here to assist you in starting your fitness journey and reaching your potential.

How will my SVA personal trainer create a custom workout and nutrition plan?

At SVA, our certified personal trainers gather extensive information about your health background, fitness targets, and preferences to craft a personalized training program. Alongside individualized workout sessions, your trainer will concentrate on elements like strength training, cardiovascular routines, and nutritional counseling to support your physical fitness.

Your personal trainer in Fremont will review your weekly progress via the TrueCoach app and make any necessary modifications.

How quickly will I see the results of my training?

Once your DXA scan is completed, we’ll establish a feasible timeline for visible changes based on your current body fat percentage. It’s common to feel the results of your training before seeing them. Generally, individuals who embark on a new exercise routine and stay consistent in their workouts notice improvements in sleep, mood, and energy levels within 2 to 3 weeks of regular training sessions.

Changes in body composition may not be apparent right away. Regular exercise and following a nutrition plan closely can accelerate progress. Rather than solely focusing on weight, monitor improvements in strength and how your clothes fit. Our observation suggests that individuals who prioritize improving their quality of life often experience significant changes in their appearance.