Semi Private Personal Training Sessions In Cupertino

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Explore our semi-private personal training sessions led by a proficient team of trainers, delivering specialized guidance from introductory exercises to sophisticated training modules. At SVA, our trainers are steadfast in their dedication to assisting you throughout your fitness odyssey, ensuring individualized support tailored to your aspirations.

What is a Semi Private Personal Training Session?

Participate in our semi-private sessions, designed for pairs looking for personalized training sessions. Bring along a spouse, friend, or selected companion, and benefit from individualized support from our trainers while enjoying the added motivation of working out with someone familiar.

While larger group classes can overlook personal objectives, our semi-private sessions provide personalized support tailored to your unique needs. We’re dedicated to more than just helping you achieve fitness goals; our focus is on educating and empowering you, ensuring you have the skills to maintain your achievements independently.

Engaging in training with a partner magnifies the advantages, creating a sense of shared responsibility, a dependable support network, and enriching moments of connection. It’s an opportunity to motivate each other along the fitness path, offering assistance with form, celebrating accomplishments together, and deepening your bond through common goals and shared experiences.

Personalized Training Services in Cupertino

Experience the convenience of SVA’s semi-private personal training sessions held in our fully equipped gym, offering access to all the tools necessary for achieving your fitness aspirations. Your dedicated SVA personal trainer crafts a tailored workout regime within a supportive atmosphere, addressing both your requirements and those of your training partner.

Upon joining SVA in Cupertino, we kickstart your journey with a complimentary power workout and introductory sessions, allowing us to assess your current fitness level and gain insight into your lifestyle. We then pair you with the ideal trainer who aligns with your goals and aspirations.


What’s Included

Within each semi-private personal training session package, you’ll find:

Personalized Training Plans

Personalized Training Plans:

Your trainer in Cupertino will craft a bespoke training regimen weekly through the TrueCoach personal training app, meticulously tailored to match your distinct fitness objectives, physique, current fitness status, lifestyle, and other pertinent factors. With diligent tracking and analysis of your workouts, your trainer ensures steady progress and makes necessary adjustments as required.


In-Person Training Sessions:

The frequency of your gym visits with your trainer will be determined by your fitness goals and personal requirements, usually ranging from 1 to 3 times per week.

DXA Scan

DXA Scan:

Utilizing our DXA scan technology by BodySpec, we conduct a thorough body composition analysis, delineating your weight into muscle, bone, and fat components. This cutting-edge scanning process provides accurate measurements of bone density, body fat percentage, and lean muscle mass in under ten minutes, facilitating the creation of a tailored fitness regimen by our trainers.

This tool proves indispensable for monitoring progress, enabling adjustments to workout and nutrition plans based on precise body composition alterations rather than mere weight fluctuations.

Meal Planning

Meal Planning:

While our personal trainers specialize in fitness, we provide access to a dedicated dietitian who hosts complimentary monthly seminars and offers personalized consultations. We prioritize leveraging our core competencies and expertise. Our dietitian is equipped to assist you in managing medical complexities, understanding cultural nuances, and establishing sustainable dietary practices for lasting success.


Weekly Check-In:

The weekly check-in serves as a fundamental aspect of our personal training service, fostering accountability and support along your fitness journey. During your gym sessions with your trainer, you’ll have the opportunity to evaluate your progress, discuss challenges, and refine your training and nutrition plans to stay on course.

This tailored feedback mechanism keeps you motivated and committed to achieving your goals. Additionally, it offers a platform to seek guidance, receive professional input, and acknowledge your accomplishments. These check-ins are facilitated through video calls, email, or messaging, adapting to your communication preferences.

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Our exercise routines are crafted to strengthen and enhance muscles, including core stability, essential for executing daily activities with ease, minimizing injury risks, and elevating overall quality of life.


Optimize your body’s efficiency by refining movement patterns and fine-tuning energy systems to achieve peak performance.


Our training regimen is tailored to enhance your physique, emphasizing both muscle growth and fat reduction.

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Experience unparalleled personal training at Silicon Valley Athletics. Our certified trainers specialize in fat loss, strength training, and competition, leveraging their athletic backgrounds to deliver exceptional sessions.


Frequently Asked Questions: Semi Private Personal Training Sessions

What distinguishes semi private personal training from standard personal training services?

Setting itself apart from the norm, semi-private personal training allows you to exercise with a selected partner of your preference—whether it’s a spouse, friend, or family member. With a maximum of two participants (you and your training partner), this format ensures individualized attention and tailored instruction.

Engaging in workouts with a familiar partner comes with a multitude of advantages, such as increased accountability, a supportive safety net, and an avenue for genuine connection. This format encourages mutual observation, correction, and inspiration, expanding the benefits of professional guidance beyond the training sessions. It’s an ideal setup for those seeking to embark on their fitness journey alongside a trusted companion, fostering mutual encouragement and offering a distinct opportunity to strengthen bonds through shared aspirations.

How does a semi private training session ensure that each participant receives a customized training program?

During semi-private training sessions, SVA fitness professionals meticulously devise individualized training regimes that cater to the unique needs of semi-private clientele. Taking into account the aspirations of both you and your training partner, this approach fosters a customized workout experience within the gym environment. By harnessing the guidance of a personal trainer in a semi-private context, this strategy guarantees that both participants make strides toward their personal objectives while embracing a communal atmosphere.

Are female personal trainers available?

Absolutely. For women seeking the guidance of a female personal trainer, our team boasts a strong roster of female trainers poised to assist you in commencing your journey and unlocking your capabilities.

How will my SVA personal trainer create a custom workout and nutrition plan?

At SVA Cupertino, our certified personal trainers utilize in-depth insights into your health history, fitness objectives, and preferences to design a bespoke training program. In addition to personalized workout sessions, your trainer prioritizes aspects such as strength training, cardio routines, and nutritional counseling to enhance your physical pursuits.

Through the TrueCoach app, your trainer conducts weekly assessments of your progress and adjusts the plan accordingly.

How quickly will I see the results of my training?

Following your DXA scan, we devise a realistic timeline for visible progress based on your current body fat levels. Although physical changes may take time to manifest, anticipate feeling the benefits of your training efforts sooner. Those who maintain consistency in their new exercise routine typically report enhancements in sleep quality, mood, and energy levels within 2 to 3 weeks of regular training sessions.

Achieving noticeable changes in body composition demands commitment and persistence. By adhering closely to your workout regimen and nutritional guidelines, you accelerate the pace of results. Rather than solely focusing on scale readings, it’s advantageous to track improvements like increased push-up capacity and the fit of clothing. From our experience, individuals who prioritize fitness to enhance their overall well-being frequently witness remarkable transformations in their physical appearance.