Senior  Trainer
Experience: 9 years
Email: Paul
Phone: (408) 469-9405

Athletic Biography

“When it gets hard, push harder, that's the magic pill.”

Trainer Since: 2013


  • Bodybuilding/Aesthetics
  • Weight loss
  • Strength/ resistance training
  • Show prep
  • Supplementation

Achievements :

  • Jr Olympian track and field
  • High school record holder Santa Teresa H.S.
  • H.S. CCS champion track and field
  • Collegiate track and field athlete Sac state
  • IFBB pro men’s physique athlete
  • National champion men’s physique
  • California state champion men’s physique
  • Multiple regional titles for men’s physique
  • Helped numerous competitors to take overalls
  • Turned numerous athletes professional BB

Educational Background:

  • IFBB Professional Trainers Academy- PROPTA
  • IFBB Professional Trainers Academy- Nutrition
  • Silicon Valley Athletics- Training/Mentor Certified

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