Online Personal Training in Los Altos

Experience premium online personal training crafted by dedicated professionals who are truly invested in your wellness journey.

Our virtual fitness coaching in Los Altos brings together an eclectic mix of top-tier professionals, each delivering tailored expertise to suit your training level—from the fundamentals to adept workout regimes. Dedicated to your wellness journey, SVA’s trainers offer steadfast support to help you meet and excel in your health aspirations.

Personalized Online Training Services in Los Altos

To ensure that our online personal training experience is tailored precisely to your needs, we’ve established a protocol where all clients participate in a mandatory 10 in-person sessions. This hands-on approach allows our expert trainers to meticulously calibrate exercises and weights that are perfect just for you before transitioning to a completely remote training format.

Upon joining the SVA family, we warmly invite you to a complimentary robust trial workout and an introductory evaluation to gauge your fitness baseline while getting insights into your lifestyle. Following this, we’ll thoughtfully pair you with a personal trainer whose expertise aligns seamlessly with your objectives.

Our training philosophy is grounded in the belief that a workout’s true effectiveness blossoms when it resonates with you—when it becomes a valuable and practicable part of your life, meticulously crafted for longevity and enjoyment.


  1. Body composition test
  2. Testing upper limits
  3. 10 completed in-person sessions (minimum)
  4. Demonstrate self-reliance.

What’s Included

Our premium online personal training packages are the key to unlocking your full fitness potential. Here’s a glance at what you’ll get:

Personalized Training Plans

Personalized Training Plans:

Your fitness journey is unique, which is why our trainers craft personalized workout strategies delivered weekly through the innovative TrueCoach app. These plans are not just personalized, they’re precision-fit to your individual goals, physique, fitness level, and lifestyle, ensuring every exercise moves you toward your aspirations. Your dedicated trainer will monitor your progress scrupulously, adjusting your plan where necessary to keep you on the fast track to success.

DXA Scan

DXA Scan:

Powered by BodySpec’s cutting-edge DXA scan technology, you’ll receive an in-depth breakdown of your bodily composition. Discover the specifics of your weight distribution — muscle, bone, fat — for a holistic understanding of your body’s makeup. With this ten-minute scan, we gain the insight needed to fine-tune your custom fitness plan to perfection, focusing on real, measurable changes in body composition rather than the scale alone. This level of detail is invaluable for personalizing your fitness and nutritional strategy and for monitoring your development over time with pinpoint accuracy.

Meal Planning

Meal Planning:

Recognizing the pivotal role of specialized knowledge, we underscore the need for expertise in nutrition guidance. The common belief that fitness trainers are equipped to craft meal plans is a misconception we aim to clarify. Most fitness professionals acquire their nutritional insights from short courses or self-guided learning. However, the complexity of individual dietary needs – influenced by medical history, emotional relationship with food, and unique cultural backgrounds – demands a more profound and informed approach. Our commitment to excellence leads us to offer complimentary monthly seminars led by our in-house dietitian, who is also available for personalized consultations. We believe in focusing on our core competencies and allowing our seasoned dietitian to guide you through the intricate landscape of nutrition. Whether dealing with health-related dietary restrictions, seeking to honor cultural food preferences, or aiming for sustainable eating habits, our dietitian is here to provide actionable, tailored advice for a healthier future.


Weekly Check-In:

Weekly check-ins are a fundamental element of the support system woven into our online personal training. These sessions serve as pivotal points of reflection on your growth and are indispensable for reinforcing your commitment to your fitness journey. Every week, you will have a deliberate conversation with your assigned online personal trainer to scrutinize your advancements, address hurdles, and fine-tune your workout and nutritional strategies accordingly.

These consultations are more than just progress evaluations—they’re your weekly dose of motivation, your chance to query, garner professional insight, and commemorate your strides in fitness. Tailoring to your convenience, our check-ins can be arranged through a video call, email, or instant messaging, as per your comfort.

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Experience workouts in Los Altos meticulously crafted to not only fortify and sculpt your muscles but also enhance your core stability. This strategic approach to exercise ensures that everyday activities become easier, the likelihood of injury is diminished, and your overall quality of life is significantly boosted.


Allow your physique to reach peak performance efficiency. Our focus on honing vital movement patterns and boosting energy systems promises to elevate your body’s capability to its utmost potential.


Engage in a specialized training regimen that prioritizes the refinement of your physical appearance. By concentrating on muscle development and strategic fat reduction, you’ll witness a transformation that highlights muscle definition and presents a more chiseled and defined physique.

Upgrade Your Life

Get the Best Online Personal Training with SVA

Silicon Valley Athletics presents a premier online personal training experience. Our trainers are not only certified but highly specialized in guiding clients through fat reduction, muscle strength enhancement, and competitive training protocols. Each trainer is also an accomplished athlete, infusing each session with practical, battle-tested insights critical for your training success.


Frequently Asked Questions: Online Personal Training

What can I expect from an SVA online personal trainer compared to an in-person trainer?

Choosing an SVA online personal trainer ensures you receive customized coaching aligned with your unique fitness aspirations, paralleling the experience offered by a traditional in-person trainer. The true distinction lies in the adaptability and convenience afforded by our online format. Enroll in our program and discover the freedom to manage your fitness regime according to your schedule. You’ll gain unfettered access to workout plans, dietary recommendations, and direct communication with your trainer—all through the innovative TrueCoach app.

Are female online personal trainers available?

Absolutely. We recognize the comfort some may find in selecting a trainer of the same gender. To accommodate this preference, SVA boasts an impressive cadre of proficient female personal trainers, all of whom are eager to guide you on your fitness voyage and empower you to realize your full potential.

How do SVA online personal trainers tailor workouts and nutrition plans?

Our accredited virtual fitness coaches meticulously gather insights on your medical background, fitness aspirations, and personal likings to devise a bespoke workout and nutrition regimen. This plan is exclusively crafted for you, emphasizing crucial fitness domains including resistance training and cardiovascular exercises, and is coupled with dietary recommendations to harmonize with your workout routine.

Your virtual coach will regularly evaluate your advancements every week through the TrueCoach app, fine-tuning your program as necessary to align with your evolving needs.

Is an online fitness coach as effective as working with a trainer face-to-face?

Absolutely. Many individuals discover that online fitness coaching rivals the effectiveness of face-to-face training sessions. Our certified online fitness coaches utilize cutting-edge technology to deliver uninterrupted support, enhance your motivation, and maintain accountability. These elements are crucial in guiding you towards achieving your fitness aspirations efficiently.

Do I need any special equipment to start an online personal training program?

Our digital personal training offerings are crafted for your convenience, ensuring that you can engage in effective workouts with whatever equipment is available to you. Whether you’re exercising in the comfort of your home or at a gym, your virtual trainer will tailor your exercise routine to integrate seamlessly with your accessible resources. This bespoke approach guarantees that you can relentlessly chase after your fitness ambitions, unfettered by limitations.

How does the personal training certification of an online trainer affect my training?

An online trainer’s certification is more than just a credential; it’s an assurance of their expertise in fitness. Every personal trainer with an SVA certification has completed extensive training encompassing human anatomy, exercise science, and nutritional strategies. This comprehensive understanding enables them to create tailored, safe, and powerful workout plans, ensuring you have a supportive guide every step of your fitness voyage.

Is hiring one of the best online personal trainers worth it for achieving my fitness goals?

Certainly. Engaging with a top-tier online personal trainer can be a game changer for realizing your fitness ambitions. These professionals provide tailor-made advice, unyielding motivation, and steadfast accountability, all of which are crucial components for success. At SVA in Los Altos, our dedication and the authentic concern our trainers have for our clients set us apart, making our services a wise choice for anyone deeply committed to their fitness journey.

How quickly will I see the results of my training?

Following your comprehensive DXA body composition assessment, we’ll collaboratively craft a personalized timeline to project the emergence of tangible results, given your existing body fat ratio. It’s common to sense the invigorating effects of your training well before they’re visibly discernible. Many individuals who commit to a fresh exercise routine and maintain consistency report enhanced sleep quality, elevated mood, and an uptick in energy levels—all within the initial 2 to 3 weeks of steadfast adherence to their workout schedule.

Transformations in body composition may be a bit more elusive at the outset. The key lies in unwavering consistency with your exercise plan coupled with diligent adherence to your prescribed nutritional strategy, which will expedite the visible changes. Steer your attention away from the transient figures on the weighing scale to more substantive milestones, such as the augmented number of pushups achieved or a more flattering fit in your favorite denim. Experience has taught us that individuals who exercise to enrich their life’s quality witness profound enhancements in their physical appearance as a natural by-product of their lifestyle overhaul.