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At Silicon Valley Athletics in Sunnyvale, we aim to provide a supportive environment where you can discover and expand the limits of what you’re capable of in a comfortable setting. We understand that many clients have a preference for a personal trainer who shares their gender. This comfort can often lead to a better connection as trainers may more closely understand the specific challenges faced during their fitness journey.

To ensure your experience with us is beneficial and uplifting, we provide personal trainers for both genders. No matter your fitness objectives—whether it’s building strength, shedding weight, or preparing for a sports event—our dedicated trainers are here to offer guidance every step of the way.

Personal Training Services in Sunnyvale

At Silicon Valley Athletics, we offer personalized training solutions to suit every individual’s needs. To ensure you’re comfortable and on track to meet your goals, we take great care in matching you with the right trainer. We understand the importance of personal comfort, especially when it comes to gender preferences during training sessions. That’s why our team includes a variety of experienced male and female trainers who are attuned to your unique health and fitness concerns, and ready to support and guide you on sensitive issues.

For those who prefer a female personal trainer, we’ve got you covered. Our skilled female trainers are prepared to assist you in your fitness journey. Our training services last for one-hour sessions, designed to help you achieve your utmost potential comfortably and professionally.

Specialized Program

Your coach will tailor a workout plan to suit your individual needs, factoring in your fitness goals, body shape, current level of fitness, job, and lifestyle considerations.

Our coaches understand that a workout truly counts when you, the client, do it with purpose. This means it’s all about a well-thought-out plan and a routine that you can stick to consistently.

Home Workouts

Our training comes in two tiers, and with Level 2, you get extra workout plans for you to do on your own time. These plans are key for success and help strengthen the bond with your trainer. After kicking off with your first session, you’ll receive your workout assignments each week through the TrueCoach app. Your trainer keeps an eye on your exercise log closely to ensure you’re on track and will tweak your plan as needed to help you meet your fitness objectives.

The DEXA Scan

Every client receives a complimentary BodySpec DEXA scan with their starter training package, offering a detailed breakdown of body composition such as fat, muscle, and bone density in less than ten minutes. This scan is a trusted tool for its unparalleled precision in measuring body composition. It equips your trainer in Sunnyvale with essential insights into your physical condition, informing personalized recommendations for your diet, exercise, and well-being.

Meal Plan

We prioritize expert guidance, recognizing that trainers may not always be qualified to create meal plans. Many of us gain nutrition knowledge through brief courses or self-study, but individual health issues and cultural backgrounds are complex.

To address this, we offer access to a professional dietitian who provides free monthly seminars and personalized consultations. This ensures you receive tailored support for health management, cultural dietary needs, and sustainable eating habit

Feeling Comfortable with Your Personal Trainer

In recognition of the distinct challenges women often encounter in their fitness journeys, such as handling gym intimidation, menstrual cycle effects, pregnancy-related adjustments, and body image issues, a number of our female clients have expressed a preference for the support and expertise of female personal trainers. These trainers not only offer informed guidance backed by science but also share insights from their own experiences, making them a highly valuable resource for women aiming to achieve their fitness goals effectively and confidently.

Silicon Valley Athletics in Sunnyvale is committed to providing a secure and welcoming environment where you can confidently face the task of improving your health and well-being.

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