Semi Private Personal Training Sessions In The Bay Area

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Experience our semi-private personal training sessions, led by a team of top-notch trainers, offering specialized assistance tailored to your needs, whether you’re just starting or looking for advanced training programs. At SVA, our trainers are here to support you at every phase of your fitness journey, ensuring you receive the personalized attention necessary to achieve success.

What is a Semi Private Personal Training Session?

Experience our semi-private sessions designed for two individuals, offering a unique training experience where you can join forces with a spouse, friend, child, or chosen partner. With personalized guidance from our personal trainer, both you and your workout companion can achieve your fitness goals while enjoying each other’s company.

In contrast to larger group classes that may overlook individual goals and obstacles, our semi-private sessions offer personalized guidance to maximize results. We focus not only on reaching your fitness targets but also on equipping you with the knowledge and confidence to sustain your progress autonomously.

Embracing training with a partner elevates the experience, fostering mutual responsibility, a reliable support system, and meaningful connections. Together, you can motivate one another, provide feedback on techniques, and celebrate milestones. This shared commitment strengthens bonds as you work towards shared objectives and embrace the journey together.

Personalized Training Services in the Bay Area

SVA’s semi-private personal training sessions are conducted in a gym environment where you have access to a wide range of fitness equipment to facilitate your journey toward achieving your fitness objectives. Your SVA personal trainer collaborates with you in a supportive setting, developing a customized workout plan tailored not only to your unique needs but also to those of your training partner.

Upon your initial enrollment with SVA in the Bay Area, we initiate your fitness journey with a complimentary power workout and introductory sessions, allowing us to assess your current fitness level and gather insights into your lifestyle. Following this assessment, we pair you with the ideal trainer who is perfectly aligned with your goals and aspirations.


What’s Included

Each package for semi-private personal training sessions comprises:

Personalized Training Plans

Personalized Training Plans:

Your trainer will develop a tailored training regimen using the TrueCoach personal training app weekly, meticulously tailored to your unique fitness objectives, body composition, current fitness status, lifestyle, and other pertinent factors. They’ll continuously monitor and evaluate your workouts to ensure advancement, ready to make any necessary adjustments along the way.


In-Person Training Sessions:

The frequency of your gym sessions with your trainer, ranging from one to three times per week, will be determined by your specific fitness goals and requirements.

DXA Scan

DXA Scan:

Our BodySpec DXA scan delivers an intricate analysis of your body composition, categorizing your weight into muscle, bone, and fat. This state-of-the-art technology offers exact measurements of bone density, body fat percentage, and lean muscle mass in a brief ten-minute session, empowering our trainers to design a tailored fitness plan for you.

It’s an essential resource for monitoring progress, enabling adjustments to your workout and nutrition plans based on precise changes in body composition, not just weight alterations.

Meal Planning

Meal Planning:

While our personal trainers specialize in fitness training, we recognize the integral role of nutrition in overall health and wellness. Hence, we provide access to a proficient dietitian who conducts complimentary monthly seminars and offers one-on-one consultations. With a commitment to our core competencies, our dietitian is equipped to help you manage underlying medical conditions, understand cultural influences, and develop dietary strategies for long-term well-being.


Weekly Check-In:

Our weekly check-in is a fundamental part of our commitment to your success in personal training. During your gym sessions with your trainer in the Bay Area, you’ll have the chance to review your progress, discuss challenges, and adapt your training and nutrition plans to ensure you stay on track toward your goals.

Our personalized feedback system keeps you motivated and focused on your goals. It’s a perfect chance to ask questions, get expert guidance, and celebrate your progress. These check-ins can be done via video call, email, or messaging, based on your preference.

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Our workouts focus on strengthening muscles, including core stability, to enhance everyday performance, lower injury risks, and elevate overall quality of life.


Enhance your body’s efficiency by emphasizing the development of movement patterns and energy systems to their fullest potential.


Enhance your physique through targeted training, focusing on building muscle and reducing fat.

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Experience exceptional personal training at Silicon Valley Athletics, where our certified trainers specialize in fat loss, strength training, and competition readiness. As athletes themselves, our trainers offer unique insights and expertise, enriching every session with firsthand knowledge and passion.


Frequently Asked Questions: Semi Private Personal Training Sessions

What distinguishes semi private personal training from standard personal training services?

What sets semi-private personal training apart is the opportunity to train with a partner of your choice, be it a spouse, friend, or child. With only two participants allowed per session, you’re assured of receiving personalized attention and customized instruction.

Partnering up for workouts with someone familiar brings a host of advantages, including increased accountability, built-in support, and opportunities for deeper connections. This dynamic encourages mutual observation, correction, and motivation, amplifying the benefits of professional guidance beyond the training sessions. It’s a fantastic option for those seeking to embark on their fitness journey alongside a trusted companion, fostering mutual encouragement and nurturing relationships through shared objectives.

How does a semi private training session ensure that each participant receives a customized training program?

SVA fitness professionals design customized training programs during semi-private sessions to address the specific needs of each client. By taking into account the goals of both you and your training partner, these sessions deliver a tailored gym experience. This method ensures that both individuals benefit from the guidance of a personal trainer within a semi-private framework, enabling them to pursue personal objectives while participating in a supportive training environment.

Are female personal trainers available?

Certainly. If you’re a woman seeking to work with a female personal trainer, we have a strong team of female trainers available to assist you in beginning your fitness journey and reaching your goals.

How will my SVA personal trainer create a custom workout and nutrition plan?

With SVA Bay Area, our certified personal trainers utilize your health history, fitness goals, and preferences to craft a unique training plan tailored to your needs. Alongside personalized workout sessions, they’ll concentrate on areas like strength training, cardio workouts, and nutritional guidance to support your fitness journey.

Using the TrueCoach app, your trainer will assess your progress weekly and make necessary adjustments to ensure your success.

How quickly will I see the results of my training?

Upon completing your DXA scan, we’ll establish a practical timeline for noticeable changes based on your current body fat percentage. You can expect to feel the effects of your training before seeing them. Individuals who begin a new exercise routine and maintain consistency in their workouts often notice improvements in sleep patterns, mood, and energy levels within 2 to 3 weeks of regular training sessions.

Changes in body composition may take time to become noticeable. Maintaining consistency in your workouts and adhering closely to your nutrition plan can hasten the process. Instead of fixating on the scale, it’s helpful to monitor improvements in performance metrics like increased push-up capacity and changes in clothing fit. Based on our observation, individuals who prioritize exercise to improve their quality of life often experience significant changes in their appearance.