Online Personal Training in Sunnyvale

Experience top-tier personal training online with dedicated professionals.

Explore your fitness potential with our skilled online personal trainers—a versatile group committed to guiding you, whether you’re just starting or scaling new heights in advanced training. The SVA team in Sunnyvale stands with you at every milestone, ensuring your fitness objectives are met with unwavering support.

Personalized Online Training Services in Sunnyvale

To ensure the highest quality and personalization of our online personal training program, we have a structured initiation process. Clients are expected to participate in at least 10 in-person sessions before shifting completely to remote training. This foundational period allows our trainers to identify the most suitable exercises and weights that cater specifically to your requirements.

Upon starting your fitness journey with SVA, you’ll be welcomed with a free dynamic power workout along with introductory sessions. These initial interactions help us gauge your present fitness level and gain insight into your lifestyle. Utilizing this information, we precisely pair you with a trainer whose expertise aligns seamlessly with your personal fitness objectives and aspirations.

Our philosophy is rooted in the conviction that the true value of a workout emerges when it resonates with and is actively embraced by you, the client. Our trainers invest in designing a detailed and viable fitness regimen, tailored to encourage consistency and long-term commitment to your health and well-being.


  1. Body composition test
  2. Testing upper limits
  3. 10 completed in-person sessions (minimum)
  4. Demonstrate self-reliance.

What’s Included

Our comprehensive online personal training packages provide you with the tools you need for a tailored fitness experience:

Training Plans

Personalized Training Plans:

Leveraging the innovative TrueCoach app, your personal trainer crafts weekly training plans that are personalized to fit your unique fitness objectives, body type, current fitness level, and lifestyle. Continuous monitoring and analytical feedback from your trainer ensure that your fitness journey is on track, with adjustments made as necessary to optimize your progress.

Individualized Programming

DXA Scan:

Experience a comprehensive body composition analysis with our BodySpec DXA scan. It quickly dissects your weight into precise amounts of muscle, bone, and fat. Utilizing this sophisticated scan, we gather detailed statistics on bone density, fat percentage, and muscle mass in under ten minutes. Our trainers leverage this information to tailor a fitness plan that’s uniquely yours.

It’s an indispensable resource for monitoring your fitness evolution, enabling tailored modifications to your exercise and diet regimes. With the DXA scan, decisions are informed by concrete data on body composition changes, not just the scale.

Custom Meal Planning

Meal Planning:

Your tailored meal plan caters to your tastes, fitness objectives, and dietary needs. It’s more than just meals; it’s a strategy to fuel your workouts and recover properly, all while aligning with your fitness goals. You’ll get everything – recipes, shopping lists, and even portion sizes. Say goodbye to the stress of meal prep, and hello to convenient, tasty healthy eating that fits your life, whether you want to lose weight, build muscle, or just live healthier.


Weekly Check-In:

Staying committed to your fitness goals is essential, and our weekly check-ins are the backbone of that commitment. You’ll have regular virtual meetings with your trainer to go over your progress, tackle any obstacles, and fine-tune your exercise and diet plans as required.

These engagements offer you the chance to stay inspired, ask questions, glean expert advice, and celebrate every milestone along the way. Whether it’s through a video call, email, or instant messaging, we tailor our communication method to what suits you best.

female personal trainer


Our workout programs in Sunnyvale are meticulously crafted to strengthen and condition the muscles necessary for everyday activities. By enhancing core stability, we not only simplify your daily routine but also mitigate injury risk, ultimately elevating your overall well-being.


We aim to fine-tune your body’s performance, focusing on honing movement patterns and optimizing your energy systems for peak efficiency.


Our targeted training programs are designed to sculpt your physique, concentrating on muscle development and fat reduction to help you achieve a balanced and aesthetic form.

Upgrade Your Life

Get the Best Online Personal Training with SVA

Silicon Valley Athletics offers premier online personal training services, guiding clients in fat loss, strength building, and competitive preparation. Our team is composed of certified trainers who are not only experts in their field but also seasoned athletes, ensuring they deliver practical and authentic training insights during each session.


Frequently Asked Questions: Online Personal Training

What can I expect from an SVA online personal trainer compared to an in-person trainer?

An SVA online personal trainer delivers tailored fitness plans and the encouragement you need to reach your goals, similar to face-to-face sessions. The advantage of online training lies in its convenience – you can access your customized exercise routines, dietary advice, and trainer support through the TrueCoach app anytime, fitting perfectly into your life’s rhythm.

Are female online personal trainers available?

Yes, indeed. If you have a preference for a female personal trainer, we boast a dedicated team of professional female trainers eager to assist you in your fitness quest and help you unlock your full potential.

How do SVA online personal trainers in Sunnyvale tailor workouts and nutrition plans?

Our expert online personal trainers carefully craft a fitness and nutrition strategy just for you, based on your health background, goals, and tastes. You’ll receive a personalized training program that’s not just about customized exercise sessions which include strength and cardio, but it’s also paired with dietary advice to enhance your workouts.

Through the TrueCoach app, your trainer will monitor your weekly progress and fine-tune your plan as needed to ensure you stay on the path to success.

Is an online fitness coach as effective as working with a trainer face-to-face?

Absolutely. Many individuals find online fitness coaching equally effective when compared to traditional in-person sessions. Our certified online trainers are fitness experts who use digital tools to offer consistent support, encouragement, and accountability, assisting you in reaching your fitness objectives.

Do I need any special equipment to start an online personal training program?

Our digital personal training offerings prioritize adaptability, enabling you to engage with minimal gear. Your virtual personal trainer will craft a workout regimen that complements the equipment you possess, irrespective of whether you are exercising in the comfort of your home or at a gym facility. Rest assured, we tailor your program to utilize whatever is at your disposal, guaranteeing that nothing stands in the way of achieving your fitness aspirations.

How does the personal training certification of an online trainer affect my training?

A certification in personal training is evidence of a professional’s depth of knowledge and capability in fitness. All of our SVA-certified trainers have received a comprehensive education in human anatomy, exercise science, and nutrition. Their expertise allows for the development of safe, effective, and tailored programs to accompany you on your fitness path.

Is hiring one of the best online personal trainers worth it for achieving my fitness goals?

Definitely. The finest online personal trainers provide tailored advice, inspiration, and ongoing support. They’re an excellent resource for anyone dedicated to realizing their fitness ambitions. At SVA, our commitment to your success is mirrored by how diligently our trainers work and the genuine concern they have for our client’s well-being.

How quickly will I see the results of my training?

Following your DXA scan, we’ll develop an achievable timeframe for visible changes, tailored to your starting body composition. You’re likely to feel more energetic and see improvements in your sleep and mood after 2 to 3 weeks of regular workouts.

Physical changes take time, but with dedication to your exercise and diet plan, you’ll soon notice transformations. Shift your focus from the scale to milestones like increased strength and better-fitting clothing. Those prioritizing wellness often experience significant, rewarding changes in appearance.