Gym Testimonials


Hui S.

Joey is the very best trainer, he is very passionate, determined, organized ,friendly and professional .When I first came to him, I was at 24% body fat and I was preparing my first figure show. I only had 3 months left and no ideas about cutting, posing, supplements and muscle gaining. But Joey came to […]

Pippa Avery


I’ve been with Silicon Valley Athletics for just over a year now, training on a weekly cadence with Joey. I’ve trained weights for the last 14 years, and really wanted someone who would be able to help me learn new and interesting movements, and push me to new levels. Joey has really helped keep the […]



Joey had been my fitness Sherpa for almost 5 years. I have worked with several trainers/coaches during my athletic years and Joey eclipses them all. He is a master of his craft and devoted to all his clients. He goes out his way to accommodate their needs and is incredibly patient when it comes to […]

Deep Samuel


Joey is a Amazing trainer, he really cares about us as clients and pays attention to detail. Joey is so dedicated to his clients and helping them succeed. I feel good when I’m finished and I actually find myself looking forward to my next session. I am so pumped to see more results in the […]

Craig Uyeda


My wife and I have been training with Joey for years. Our 12 year old son also now trains with Joey because we want him to learn the proper technique of each exercise. Joey is a great person that is an expert in his field. Make no mistake though, Joey pushes us way beyond the […]