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When you visit Silicon Valley Athletics, our team of trainers will encourage you to push the limits of your capabilities to achieve your fitness goals. But if you don’t feel comfortable and fully supported every step of the way, that can only serve to hinder instead of inspire and we have found that many of our clients achieve the highest levels of success when working with a trainer of the same gender.

It allows for clients to feel more at ease when going to the gym. We believe that giving clients the choice of working with trainers of the same gender allows for a stronger client/trainer partnership that understands the client’s particular challenges for reaching his or her fitness goals.

That’s why we give our clients the option of working with male or female personal trainers. Whether your focus is on losing weight, increasing strength, or training to participate in a competitive sport, our team of trainers are ready to support you in achieving your objectives in a positive and empowering environment.

Palo Alto Personal Training Services

We offer a wide range of individualized services and training packages for every age range and skill level. Whether you’re just getting started on your fitness journey or your workouts are a fixture of your daily routine, we strive to pair you with the trainer that is best suited for meeting your specific needs.

That includes partnering you with a personal trainer of the same gender to eliminate any discomfort or awkwardness you may feel when discussing health issues or other concerns about wellness and body composition. We understand that some of our clients may be hesitant to bring up these important issues to a personal trainer of the opposite gender.

No one should feel awkward or uncomfortable working with their personal trainer and our diverse team of skilled male and female personal trainers can provide advice and guidance without discomfort.

For our female clients who would rather work with a personal trainer of the same gender, we have a highly-trained roster of female trainers who are ready to guide you towards success in realizing your goals for health and fitness.. Silicon Valley Athletics offers personal training and coaching services in one hour sessions. These include the following:

Customized Training Regimen

We believe the best workout plan is the one you will actually follow. Therefore, your trainer will develop a personalized training regimen that considers a wide range of factors to create a sustainable routine you will actually look forward to performing. This training regimen incorporates your body type, your current fitness level, your fitness goals, your occupation, and other lifestyle factors that will make your workouts more enjoyable.

Home Workouts

Silicon Valley Athletics offers two different levels of training packages. While our Level 1 package focuses on a training regimen that you perform in our facility, our Level 2 packages include additional exercise programs that you complete on your own. These workouts are an essential component of developing the client/trainer partnership and a critical part of your success.

The way it works is simple: the workouts are assigned and added to the TrueCoach app every week, starting with your initial session. Your trainer will monitor and analyze your progress and make necessary adjustments to the routine.


This scan is utilized to obtain a comprehensive view of your body’s lean tissue, bone density, fat tissue, and muscle mass. The DEXA scan can read all of these statistics in under ten minutes and it’s an essential tool for giving us an accurate measurement of your body composition. Your trainer will use this information to analyze your body’s strengths and weaknesses as well as diet and training requirements. This is critical data for developing the most effective workout plans for getting you the results you want and maintaining overall wellness.

Meal Plan

Nutrition plays a vital role in your fitness journey. That’s why Silicon Valley Athletics offers a free monthly seminar with our registered professional dietician. He can guide you through the obstacles that can sometimes make proper diet a challenge for some clients. Whether it’s managing the difficulties of eating amidst a busy day-to-day lifestyle or navigating the cultural differences that can pose some dilemmas when it comes to proper diet, our dietician has helpful advice and solutions for addressing these concerns. We also offer one-on-one sessions for clients who require specialized consulting on a nutrition plan.

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Feeling Comfortable with Your Personal Trainer

We have found that many female clients prefer having a female personal trainer to guide their fitness pursuits. Women face a unique set of challenges in the gym — navigating a traditionally male-dominated environment, impacts of their menstrual cycle on energy and performance, exercise considerations specific to pregnancy and postpartum, and negative body image. Addressing these concerns with a female personal trainer and receiving expert answers rooted in both scientific evidence and personal experience can be a valuable tool for success.

Silicon Valley Athletics will always be a safe, comfortable, and nurturing place for managing the challenges of building a better, healthier you.

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